WildBlue Communications

WildBlue is pleased to announce an upgrade to the WildBlue Webmail that WildBlue customers receive. We are sending the following communication to all of our customers. No action is needed on your part.


WildBlue is pleased to announce an upgrade to our Webmail service provided to subscribers! As of March 2, 2006 all WildBlue customers who login to Webmail will see the following:

WildBlue Webmail

Along with a sleek new design, your new Webmail will be easier to use. Your existing Email and contact information will be automatically transferred. However, any calendar items or customized mailbox "filters" created will not transfer. You will need to update this information manually once the new Webmail interface is in place.

Selected FAQs:

Click here for additional frequently asked questions and other helpful information on this WildBlue service.


WildBlue Customer Care

You may receive phone calls with questions from your existing customers, please send them to help.wildblue.net or 1-866-wildblue (866-945-3258).

Thanks for your support,

WildBlue Sales Team