WildBlue Communications

New process for installer enrollment
for WildBlue certification training

  1. Installers go to www.wildblue.com/training.

  2. Installer enters user profile information (e.g. name, address, etc.) and creates his own user login and password.

  3. Student completes Level One online training (approximately 2 hours of work online).

  4. Upon completion of Level One online training, student selects the Level Two training location he wishes to attend and submits an email request. If student does not select a class, he will have to go back and select the class he wishes to attend no less than 3 days prior to the Level Two training date. Students are not automatically enrolled and must make a selection. Once a class location has been selected, the student should call 800-888- 8876 or contact their local DSI branch and pay $99.00 to finalize their reservation. Class sizes are limited and students are enrolled on a first come, first serve basis.

  5. If a student comes to a class and has not enrolled they will be directed to their local DSI branch to pay the $99.00 fee and then be admitted to the course only if they have completed the online training and there is space available.

After successfully completing the Level Two certification, the installer will receive an email with their Installer ID number the week following the training and their WildBlue badge within two weeks via mail. If an installer needs his certification number prior to receiving their installer badge or ID number, they should request this from their local DSI branch; certification numbers will not be available until the Monday following the Level Two training class.

This will be the new process for enrollment to become a WildBlue certified installer as of August 1st, 2006.