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Viasat Vision 2019 Issue 1

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What plan do you offer? Below you'll find overviews of our Unlimited and Liberty plans, plus extras & bundles. Look for the entry-level and premium packages that match the plans available in your area. Simply click the "PDF" to view and download in a new window.

These brochures are made so you can print them yourself or through a local vendor. We recommend only printing a few off at a time, or printing them one at a time, as needed. They're standard letter size (8.5" x 11"). To reduce distorting the design, if your printer has an option to "fit" the design to the page (like this), that is the best option. It'll crop off the edges but should keep the content in the middle nice and clean. Try printing one at a time while you figure out what options work best on your printer.


Premium package
Unlimited Gold 12 Unlimited Gold 30 Unlimited Gold 50 Unlimited Platinum 100
Entry-level package
Basic 25 N/A PDF PDF PDF
Unlimited Bronze 25 N/A PDF PDF PDF
Unlimited Bronze 12 PDF PDF
Trifold PDF
Trifold PDF
Trifold PDF


Extras & Bundles